Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is your beach public or private?
We have a public sand beach, which is open for anyone’s use. 

2. What is the parking situation at Lumsden Beach?
Our beach parking lot is very small and at peak times may be closed to the general public. There is public parking at the entrance to the village and day visitors are able to park there and walk to and from the beach. Please note that the walk to the beach from the top of the hill is approximately 10 minutes. 

3. Is there a boat launch at Lumsden Beach?
No, there is no boat launch at Lumsden Beach.

4. May I bring my dog to Lumsden Beach?
Dogs are NOT allowed on the public beach from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily and never in the swimming area.

5. Is they’re fishing at Lumsden Beach?

There is no fishing from the public beach, but the public can fish from the lake shoreline north or south of the main beach. 

6. Are BBQs and/or fires allowed on the beach?

No, for safety reasons, there is no place for BBQ’s and/or open fires in the area of the beach

7. Is there anywhere to buy food and/or drink at Lumsden Beach?
We have a small convenience store, with regular hours throughout the summer. It sells drinks, snacks, and some assortment of grocery items. It is a short walk from the beach to the store.

8. Does Lumsden Beach have a campground?
No, we do not have a campground.

9. Can you set up a tent, trailer, or camper at Lumsden Beach?
No tents, trailers, or campers are permitted at Lumsden Beach.